"A Black Belt is More than Something You Wear
A Black Belt is More than Something You Earn
A Black Belt is Something You Become"

     The TaeKwonDo classroom is an environment of self-discipline, self-control, courtesy, respect and positive thinking.  Only a student's best behavior,     
  attitude and effort is allowed and accepted.  Every moment a student spends sitting up straight or standing at attention, every  "YES SIR" and bow  
  of respect, every act of physical control, mental discipline and emotional strength, is another brick in building a true Black Belt.  

     After years and hundreds of hours, brick after brick, a true Black Belt is something you become.  It is on the inside, ingrained in every part of your being, not 
  something easily changed or lost.  A Black Belt is built, brick after brick, on a solid foundation of courtesy, integrity and self-control.  A Black Belt is a 
  champion of freedom and justice, one who works to build a more peaceful world through strength of sound body, mind and spirit.

     This is what every student of TaeKwonDo can become.  Black Belt is the goal every student has, and can achieve, with perseverance and indomitable spirit.     Black Belts are only for those who have proven to be willing and able to push themselves to their highest level of physical skill, mental sharpness, and   
  emotional toughness. Only for those with the most committment, dedication, and determination.  With these bricks of character, a true Black Belt is built, and 
  a true Black Belt is what you become.
                   PRIVATE LESSONS    

  Every student should schedule at least 
  one Private Lesson every Training Cycle.
  Private lessons are a valuable part of a 
  students development, so the more, the 
  better. There are discounts when three 
  or more lessons are scheduled, and for
  multiple family members. Private lessons 
  can be scheduled Monday thru Saturday.

      Sign-up sheet is at front counter. 

Junior White - Sr. Blue 
Junior Brown - Black
All Adults
AWARDS Thursday, Oct. 11
                 6:00 pm
                 ALL RANKS
                 ALL AGES


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Training Cycle 6       October - December
                      7 - 10pm
                      $20 each
             Invite your friends!